Database Management

Database Building • Storage • Management • Custom Reporting • Security

IGM’s database management technology stores your valuable information without the worry of file getting lost or misplace and computers crashing. Easily retrieve your information in the form of reports with parameters that you set and edit based on your project. Your information is secure, accessible only by users with passwords that you create. You have the power to decide where your information goes and how it is used.


We Protect Your Data Better Than Anyone

Protect your marketing assets with the lastest in database security technology.

Your data is an extremely valuable resource that took considerable time and money to amass, and you can’t afford to lose it.  So why take chances with a management company or storage system whose database software is dated or questionable at best? IGM’s state-of-the-art daily backup system ensures you that your lists are safely stored, maintained and protected.  We’ll also provide a backup of your files to you on CD once per quarter, if preferred.


Privacy Is Of The Utmost Importance

Keeping your database private guarantees its integrity and maintains your customers’ trust.

With IGM your data is your data.  It does not go into a massive pool that is sold or rented to other companies for their use.  Some of our competitors view it differently.

Recently, a competitor who shall rename nameless, but proclaims to be the world’s greatest, sent an email to one of our clients offering a chance for them to advertise directly to one of their client’s databases for $5,000.  Their client was less than an hour away from our client!  So let’s get this straight…our client could advertise their golf course to a competing golf course’s customer list directly?  Hmmm…why in the world would a club who has worked hard to build an email database want to sacrifice its integrity by opening it up to other outside businesses, let alone another competing golf course?  This is an attempt by the marketing firm to make more money.  That is all it is.  This particular firm pools all of their client data and will sell it out to make more money.  When you sign up to use their system you are giving away your customer database to them to sell for their own profit and for use by their other clients.  What is wrong with this approach?  It sacrifices the integrity of what you are doing.  It completely destroys the trust of your customers.   Your customers gave you permission to market directly to them.  They didn’t sign up to be thrown in a pool of lists to be sold for other purposes.  The result is a loss of customer interest, a loss of permission to communicate with that customer and, ultimately, a loss of business.
With IGM, the data our systems collect for you is yours and only yours.  We will never, and we mean never, sell or rent your list to any client, to any business…to anyone!  Your data is your data.  Let IGM help you keep it that way!