Golf Marketing Consulting

Plan Development • Implementation • Execution • Follow-through

Whether you are looking for multi-year, annual or seasonal marketing initiatives, our consulting and marketing management programs are customized to drive results based on your goals and your available marketing dollars. There are no cookie-cutter approaches at IGM. Our marketing experts assist you throughout the entire process with the creation, implementation, execution and follow-up of all marketing strategies.


The Marketing Plan

Value • Innovation • Growth

The first step in any successful marketing program is learning. – learning about your customers, your facilities, your competition, your market, your financials and your past. Before IGM takes the first step in developing strategies, we fully research all things past, present and future. We want to know everything about you: the markets your business comes from, your past marketing programs and, most importantly, who your customers are. We then ask you two very important questions: “WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO AND WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO TO GET THERE?” Your answers, coupled with our market research, will give us the start we need to begin preparing a business-building plan.

Once we have a stronghold on your project, we begin planning how we are going to get you where you want to go. Our marketing plans include the following important elements:

• Mission Statement/Executive Statement
• Market Summary and Market Demographics
• Target Market Research and Target Market Forecast
• Market Needs and Potential for Growth
• S.W.O.T. Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
• Competitive Survey
• Marketing Objectives and Financial Goals
• Determination of Business Segments (What makes up your package business and play?)
• Strategies to Drive Revenue (Advertising, eMarketing, Direct Mail, Loyalty Marketing, Interactive, Pricing, etc.)
• Financial Review and Break-Even Analysis
• Marketing Expense Budget and Line-item Explanations
• Sales by Category Forecast
• Monthly Implementation Milestones
• Marketing Organization and Areas of Responsibility
• Contingency Planning
• Collateral Material Review
• Return on Investment Reporting


Implementation & Follow-Through

Hands-on Plan Execution & Monitoring

The success of our programs hinges on a total team effort. Many of our strategies are driven by a client’s own or their partners’ on-property staff. Therefore, it is extremely important for each person to understand his or her role in the marketing plans. Our responsibility is to determine who the key personnel will be to assist us in the on-site management of our strategies. We will then educate these people to not only execute our plans, but to also follow-up with us on a frequent basis with the results. Marketing is very dynamic. The only way we can adjust quickly is to have all the vital information necessary to make informed decisions.

Our preferred method for ensuring all strategies are in place and working is to talk regularly with those involved in the marketing process. IGM has a series of reports that are to be completed on a pre-established schedule. These monitoring reports will tell us all that we need to know regarding the marketing process. IGM will in-turn report to management its findings, results and recommendations regarding all implemented programs.

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