Web Apps to Manage Your Business
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IGM’s website talent goes well beyond design. We also can create a custom web application to help you manage your business more effectively. They days of “boxed” software will soon come to an end thanks to the growing power of the internet and software as a service (SaaS) development. No longer do you have to settle on a “boxed” software that can only do half of what you really need it do. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Latest App: Golf Package Management System
Golf packaging customers manage their business with IGM’s PRS

Some of the leading golf packaging companies throughout North and South Carolina are utilizing IGM’s Package Reservation System (PRS) to manage the thousands of quote requests, sales pipeline and communication with their vacationing golfers. The traditional way was done with lots of phone calls and manual paperwork. PRS automates the entire process. Turning out quotes in minutes and streamlining follow-up with prospects saves time, makes you money and blows the competition away in terms of the speed and quality of service provided to the customer.